Could Moonlight Be A Stake In The Heart Of Vampire Shows

It seems as though there are some television series that exist solely to try and capitalize on a genre that was popular several years before. CBS series Moonlight is one such series.

The series is a show that Anne Rice, Buffy, or vampire fans in general are all too familiar with in terms of story. Moonlight is a story about a vampire who falls in love with a mortal who is unaware (through the first few episodes) of his nocturnal activities.

I suppose I should go deeper into the story. Mick St. John is a private investigator who became a vampire when bitten by his bride to be on his wedding night fifty five years ago. Now, he accepts cases that lead him to vampires that would seek to harm mortals all the while falling in love with an internet reporter who has her suspicions about him.

The primary thing that drags this show to the ground is the simple fact that it has a concept that would have been cool ten years ago. In fact, the most modern thing about the show is that St. John’s love interest is an internet reporter.

Even the designs for the characters are outdated by at least four years. The pilot of the series even makes the mistake of using the already overly used My Immortal by Evanescence in a completely out of context manner. The main character of Mick St. John has no substance.

It’s kind of hard to accept a flawed hero whose only apparent flaw is that he’s a vampire and has to lie about it. And his love interest should only be called his girlfriend because there is nothing interesting about her. She is always a damsel in distress, and there are times when I actually hope she is killed off.

Now I’m aware that seems kind of harsh for a show that is barely into its first season, but I found that there was absolutely nothing intriguing about Moonlight. It recycles old ideas, is entirely unimaginative, and is just plain boring. Perhaps ten years ago it would be interesting.

I’m not saying the show had no potential. But I am saying that any potential it had was thrown out the window to produce an overly formulaic hour of television. Moonlight is an example of what’s wrong with vampire fiction of our day.

There is no advancement in ideas. Everything is recycled. Fortunately, it won’t take a clove of garlic to remove Mick St. John. Just change the channel and watch something else. Or, leave it on and take a nap. 

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