What to Do When You Hit ‘the Wall’

The other night I was watching the movie “Run Fatboy Run”, which is a hilarious movie and definitely worth seeing. But it talks about when you are running a marathon, how there comes a time when you hit a wall and you feel like you cannot go on. Personally I have never experienced this because I don’t like to go running but it is a concept I am well aware of when it comes to building your business online.

There are times when building your business that you seem to just hit a wall, it is either a wall within yourself or it is a wall in the growth of your business. In the past I got so frustrated because it is my hearts desire to work full time online, and in order to accomplish that, https://onthewallsfl.com/ I need to break through this wall and see a significant increase in my traffic and my income. So I started pondering about what you can do when you need to break through a wall with your business. See what a lot of smart writers would do is they would write about ‘running’ and relate their business experiences to hitting a wall in running and how they are the same. But as I already mentioned I am not a runner so I do not intend to place metaphors to explain what it is like hitting a wall online. I will just tell you straight up.

1. Be Prepared
When you get into the online marketing game you need to be prepared mentally that you are going to hit a few walls. Some of the most common are ‘writers block’, ‘being sick of it’, ‘stagnant traffic growth’, ‘lack of income early on’. Know what you are up against and be prepared to face the wall when you come to it. Learn from others about how they got over this wall BEFORE you get to the wall. An example is the lack of income early on when you are starting. One of the plans you can have to face this wall is to work full time and do it part time until your income increases, or something I am looking at is using my savings/credit to act as a wage so I can work a full year without income and then as my income grows I can lower the amount of savings I am using. So be prepared for the wall mentally so you can attack it easier when you get to it.

2. Push Harder
Sometimes you are doing the right thing you just need to do it a little bit more. Maybe you are commenting to build traffic but you need to comment more, maybe you are interacting with your customers but you need to interact more. Whatever you are doing if is it working but not as fast as you want it to work then try doing the same thing but go harder. For me I use commenting on other blogs to promote my own blog. In the last week I have subscribed to about 25 new blogs so now I am commenting on about 50 blogs instead of my original 25. This strategy works but I have doubled it so it works quicker and better.

3. Keep Going
Sometimes you are doing the exact right thing and you are doing it the right amount you just need to keep going. Personally I am posting once per day which I believe is the right thing and the right amount for this blog. I can’t go harder because I have to work as well (and I run out of ideas if I try to post more than once per day) so I am going to keep posting once per day and soon the wall will break down as traffic organically grows.

4. Do Something Different
If you have hit a wall and you are finding that the strategy you are using is not working then try something different. If you want a different result then you need to do something different. Examples of a few things I am doing different from most standard MMO blogs is that I am commenting HEAPS, I am posting in forums and I am writing and giving away ebooks, I am doing guest posting. I am tying a lot of different things, not just one avenue. Hopefully this way I can break the wall by using lots of different methods

5. Do Something Huge
Sometimes you need to smash a wall with a lot of force and to bring about a breakthrough in your online business sometimes you need to use a lot of force. Run a competition and give away something massive when people link to your site or are active on your site.

You live in a time where getting rich has never been easier. We live in the information age and the ability for anyone to join the ranks of the rich and mega rich has gotten easier and easier. You just need to know how you can become rich.

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