DJ Laser Lights – A Guide to Choosing the Right Laser Lighting for You

Laser lighting has grown extremely popular over the last decade. With every major club & mobile DJ company starting to add them to their set-up. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a cheap way to add an extra “it” factor to any lighting set-up and take an average light show to the next level.

But with all the different lasers out there choosing the best one can be difficult. With colors including green, red, blue, purple, yellow, pink & white; models including single, dual, quads, animations and twinklers, how do you decide what’s perfect for your set up? Not to mention power levels ranging from 5mW – 5000mW.

First we’ll look at the color. What you have to look at first is the environment you’re setting. Do you want a darker more intimate environment? Or do you want a vibrant club style environment. If you’re looking for the more intimate darker environment, your reds & purples will be an excellent choice. With purple and red being naturally “darker” mood colors the room will be set for a different more underground experience then that of a vibrant exploding club lighting set-up. Not to say a main stream club set-up is a bad thing. By taking greens, blues & yellows, you can change the boring same old club experience and turn it in to something of a different caliber; something new, something exciting.

Of course to maximize your lighting show you can always go with a multi-color laser. Being able to dictate the colors will not only allow you to sync the lasers with the rest of the show but will allow the ultimate control over your shows. Change the entire mood of the show with a simple change of color.

Next up, we’ll touch on some tips of how to decide the style of laser that will work best. Some may thing this is an easy decision as it’s simply choosing single – quad outputs or add the addition of animation, but this choice can either make or break a laser show. The key thing to remember here is more isn’t always better. Rooms can be absolutely killed with too many lasers flying around. Don’t try and fill a small club with 10 quad lasers, you’ll get nothing but overkill and irritation. If you are a laser enthusiast with a smaller area one way to fix this is to cycle the lasers, for one point in the night use darker lasers, another time period brighter more vibrant lasers; this can also be a way to build up the crowds energy throughout the night perfectly.

Lastly, we take a look at the extreme range of strengths of lasers available. Before thinking of upgrading to the highest power you have to think about questions similar to the style of the laser. The higher the power isn’t always the best choice. If using controlling software whether DMX or ILDA a high power laser can be a great choice as you can safely project the laser above the crowd without contact, while still keeping the sought after classic prestige laser effect. This doesn’t mean the lower powers don’t have their own advantage. For crowd patterns, disco ball scanning and wall sketching the lower powers will definitely hold their own and you won’t need to worry about an overwhelmed crowd.

Though not complete the guide above can help a first time laser purchaser think about a few things before choosing what best fits the job. When buying a laser you also have to remember that a laser in person can be pretty different from the videos taken. Most of the time in a good way, videos can never do the just of the crisp beams that a laser can demonstrate in person.

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