Healthy Snacks for Kids

Are you looking for the best healthy snacks for kids? Let us face it; a large number of parents out there have horror stories about their children turning up their noses at the food placed before them. In fact, there are children who definitely do not eat anything except takeout meals, TV dinners, processed foods, lots of meat products and potato products, so how can they expect to be healthy? The problem is that you cannot even force-feed a child, because he is quite capable of yelling the house down. Those were the days, my friend, when a plate could be taken away and the child sent to his room to subsist on bread and water, if he turned up his nose at the good round healthy meal placed before him. However, times they are a- changing, and the mere idea of healthy eating is enough for a child to break out in a rash! Unfortunately, this is because the word healthy is become synonymous with exercise, boring food, and force fed diets. However, that should not always be necessary, so here are some really easy healthy snacks for kids, which they are going to enjoy without even getting to know that they are eating healthy! More details please visit:-

Chop up a number of fruit and raw vegetables, and sprinkle with nuts. Toss this mixture with olive oil. Then sprinkle garlic salt, paprika, pepper and any other spices you prefer on this in between meals salad. Place this in front of the TV, and see it disappear!

Do you know that child psychology is such that when you ask him to eat something because it is healthy for him, he is going to turn up his nose just like Dennis (of “the Menace” fame) does when confronted with spinach and carrots! However, associating carrots with his favorite cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, and giving him a raw carrot on which to munch, is going to have a much more positive effect on his eating habits! Or you can always tell him that Popeye cannot do without spinach, and then feed him steamed spinach, with nuts sprinkled in it, and well, there you are, you are going to have a spinach aficionado clamoring for more!

Choosing the right healthy snacks for kids and getting them to eat them is an ongoing battle for every health-conscious parent out there. You need to apply child psychology to get your child to eat healthy; saying that a child needs to eat something or has to eat something because it is healthy is definitely going to put him off. Forget the word healthy while dealing with the child. Instead, use the word “different”, “tasty”, and associate those terms with the diet followed by superheroes, and even his favorite cartoon characters of the day!

You would be surprised to know that children are very amenable to experimental foods, especially when they are allowed to make their own snacks under the close supervision of adults. So, put out some fruit, vegetables, spices, nuts, olive oil, and even boiled beans and let them indulge in creative experimentation to make their own healthy snacks!

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