Obtaining Health Insurance – Marriage Isn’t the Answer!

As cold-hearted as it may sound, marriage is often a way to ensure that a person has health insurance. By marrying an individual who has health insurance through his or her employer, the new spouse can typically be covered by that health insurance, as well. Even though it’s usually considered insurance fraud, which makes it illegal, many people enter into marriage just to have health insurance. Many people also attempt to hang on to, or work through, a failing marriage for the sole purpose of hanging onto the health insurance they receive from their spouse’s employer.

You don’t have to hang onto a failing marriage, nor do you have to get married, just to ensure you’ll have health insurance. You can purchase an individual health insurance policy of your own.thcm Sure, individual health insurance policy rates are usually more expensive than the group insurance policy rates paid by employees who buy into their employer’s health insurance package, but wouldn’t you rather pay a little more for your own health insurance policy than hang onto a marriage in which you’re unhappy, just to have a health insurance policy you don’t have to pay for? And, on that note, aren’t you paying for the health insurance anyway, by compromising your happiness and staying in a failing marriage just for your spouse’s health insurance policy?

We all know health insurance is important, but marrying for health insurance, or staying in an unhappy marriage for health insurance, isn’t the answer. You can shop around for an individual health insurance policy that is going to meet both your health and your financial needs. It may take time, but there are many health insurance companies out there that offer individual health insurance policies. Look into several health insurance companies, talk to several health insurance agents, and you will find one that will work for you. You don’t have to rely on marriage for adequate health insurance.

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