Vitamin D – Great News For Sun Worshipers, Bad News For Sunscreen

At the outset I would like to make it clear that the American Academy of Dermatology is very well funded by the sunscreen industry. Consequently their rhetoric about the dangers of sun exposure is really little more than the repeating (ad nauseam) of the claims of this multi-billion dollar industry. This in itself should be a clarion call to wake up concerning our views about sun exposure and sunscreen.

The Sun Is The Best Source Of Vitamin D

The sun is the single best way for your body to receive the amount of Vitamin D needed to maintain your optimal health. I am fully aware that the media of today makes certain that we remain afraid of the sun but they also are funded by the sunscreen industry. This paranoia has caused immune systems all over North America to be functioning at a level that is not able to heal disease, and so we suffer from more life threatening illnesses than any population in the world. Many experts tell us that more than 80% of children and adults suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency which stops the immune system from doing it’s job properly.

Imagine going outside into the very sun which gives life to every organism on earth and then slathering on sunscreen which cancels every positive benefit of this God given source of life on our amazing planet! Your skin synthesizes vitamin D from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is necessary to expose face, hands, arms, torso and back to the sun in order to provide adequate production of Vitamin D. This absolutely essential production of Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) is impossible when sunscreen is applied.

Sun produced Vitamin D is in fact your best skin care treatment and your best immune system booster. The Vitamin D produced by sun exposure also enables the body to produce at least 200 antimicrobial peptides which fight off such infections as Crohn’s disease as well as cancers of the lymphoma, lung, prostate, colon and skin. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones for young and old alike and also is vital for the regulation of cell growth as well as the proper absorption of calcium. Extensive research links Vitamin D with maintenance of immune, cellular, brain and cardiovascular health, and a lack of Vitamin D is linked with increased cases of severe and debilitating osteoporosis. More details please visit:-

The National Institute of Health (NIH) informs us that at least ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen is the minimum requirement in order to allow adequate time for the synthesizing of Vitamin D to occur. Unfortunately sunscreen companies have brainwashed us into believing that sun exposure is a bad thing and their billion dollar industry in this country confirms the fact that we have heeded their council.

Our obsession with sun protection has caused a corresponding rise in rates of osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, colds and flu.

Osteroporosis: Brittle bones and bone loss is a direct consequence of a lack of Vitamin D. A lack of Vitamin D is also the reason for improper absorption of calcium. Our extremely high rate of osteoporosis in this country has a correlation to our phobia of the sun. Of course our obsession with consuming animal flesh and their by-products is a major player in our high rates of osteoporosis also but our lack of adequate stores of Vitamin D likewise plays a major role in this national epidemic.

Heart Disease: Vitamin D regulates the calcium level in your body and a lack of calcium not only affects the bones but the muscles as well. Of course the heart is one of the most important muscles affected since calcium helps to regulate heart muscle contraction and a lack of proper regulation affects heart health.

Cancer: The January-February 2010 issue of “Cancer Journal” tells us that low levels of Vitamin D encourage development and progression of cancer cells of all varieties. It also states that Vitamin D stops the progression of cancer and might actually encourage the death of cancer cells.

Diabetes: Insufficient levels of Vitamin D have been linked to increased rates of diabetes, since a lack of vitamin D negatively affects the production and release of insulin in the body. Vitamin D also regulates calcium levels, and calcium plays a role in the production and secretion of insulin. It also affects the functioning of cells in the pancreas which is exactly where insulin is produced.

Colds and Flu: Vitamin D plays an extremely important role in the maintenance of a healthy immune system and the immune system is severely compromised when starved for Vitamin D. You can bet that wherever and whenever sun exposure is limited there will be a corresponding outbreak of colds and flu such as in the cold winter months.

There is a growing body of evidence as well as a growing number of doctors and health practitioners who are convinced that a lack of adequate sunshine on your bare skin is the cause of many infirmities in this country. This ought to be good news for those of us who love the sun and bad news for the multi-billion dollar sunscreen business. The facts about the health benefits of our sun are mounting and the facts about the negative health consequences of a lack of sunlight are mounting also.

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