The Latest Medical Device News Suggests Most Companies Struggle to Increase Service Sales

To look at recent surveys conducted for medical device news within the medical industry you’ll find an unsettling trend. Companies within the medical equipment service industry are struggling to increase service sales. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you consider what these sales are really about, it quickly becomes a disturbing point of reference.

The lower service sales may be owed in part to the sheer reliability of modern medical equipment. Unfortunately, what many hospital management staff members are not taking into account is that medical equipment only remains reliable as long as it remains maintained.

The cost of hiring a professional to perform regular maintenance on an X-ray machine, for instance, is far, far outweighed by the cost of replacing the machine within a few years when it breaks down due to a lack of care. More details please visit:-

Too often, medical equipment service crews are only brought in when it’s time to make serious repairs. However, by performing regular maintenance, “check ups” if you will, the lifespan of an MRI machine or a sonography machine can be greatly increased.

Bearing this in mind, it’s unfortunate that more hospitals don’t put the time, money and effort into conducting these regular checkups on their equipment. Minor issues can be repaired and big problems can be prevented. It’s not just about saving money and equipment, either. Properly working equipment is vital to keeping your patients safe and healthy.

Just last year a Clinton, OH woman sued a hospital over an MRI machine breaking her father’s arm. This injury might have been prevented had the MRI machine been kept in good shape with regular maintenance.

Even in areas where an injury or other issue might be blamed on faulty equipment or on something else entirely, keeping the equipment in good shape means that it won’t be likely to be blamed on the equipment. It’s about saving money, it’s about getting more out of your equipment, it’s about protecting your patients and it’s about protecting yourself in a court of law.

Hospitals are big targets for frivolous lawsuits, and keeping the equipment up to date is just one way of making yourself a slightly smaller target. Ultimately, the legal fees of dealing with such a case will greatly outweigh hiring a professional to come in and check on your equipment a few times a year.

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