How To Lose Weight Easily – There’s Bad News And Good News About Weight Loss: Learn How To Diet Now

Good news, bad news. Let’s start with the bad. Studies show that when we are overweight or obese we are at greater risk of developing serious illness associated with weight.

Good news? Studies also show that losing only five or ten percent of your body weight will improve your health! Let’s put numbers to that. Let’s say you weight 200 pounds and the doctor told you that you need to lose 60 pounds. If you lose ten pounds (a mere five percent of your body weight) you will reduce your risk of weight related illnesses dramatically. That’s very good news indeed.

So how do we go about losing even ten pounds? Let’s look at a few ideas: More details please visit:-

• Educate yourself: Information is power. Learn what kinds of foods you should eat and which exercises will benefit you the most (without the exercise taking on a life of its own!).

• Set a realistic goal. Once you decide to start a weight loss program it’s easy to become too enthusiastic in goal setting. If you resolve to lose 10 pounds in a week, “it ain’t gonna happen”. You will be setting yourself up for failure because a big part of that weight loss would be water loss, and the rest of loss would result from such a strict regimen that it is not even healthy for you and it is certainly not a program you are going to keep up. Aim for one or two pounds per week. That’s the kind of loss that will “stay lost”.

• Exercise every day. Include simple items such as using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking for fifteen to thirty minutes after lunch (and after dinner if you can), play with the kids or the dog, garden, join an exercise class. Figure out what you will be able to stick to and then get started.

• Reduce the amount of all food you take into your mouth…right now. Statistics show us that we’re eating two or even three times the amount of food we need. I won’t tell you how much to cut your own intake by, you do that. You know how much you really need. (If you weight too much, you’re eating more than you need…period.)

• Eliminate drinks that are sweetened with sugar. They are dead and useless calories. (They can easily cause a weight gain of fifteen pounds per year!)

• Get rid of high fat, high sugar, high salt snacks that are sitting around wistfully calling your name. Substitute fruit and vegetable chunks, low fat dips (if you really need a dip), whole wheat crackers, reduced fat cheese chunks, light yogurt…if these foods are available (and “the others” are not), you will be well on your way toward the weight loss you desire.

Sue Bristol, R.N. advises you how to diet safely

Here’s the “Secret Weight Loss Diet” that virtually EVERY successful dieter uses. (Whether or not they are even aware of it!)

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