Social Media Marketing – 11 of the Most Critical Words to Use in Social Media in 2009


Yep- that is what the core focus is in Social Media.

Ok- let’s get REAL. If Social Media marketing is about conversation, then should there not be words that fit in to what the culture of social media is all about? Should not you paint a picture with your words? Should your words not elicit feelings and emotions?

Of course they should.

Words are a marketer’s tool box. Here are 11 you need

1) “YOU.”

There is nothing more powerful to a person reading a message or conversation that has the word YOU in it, over and over. Many people have an “I” mentality, and in social media, you are not the deal. The other person or side of the conversation is. In some respects, today’s businesses face the same challenges that early marketers experienced with emerging print and electronic advertising mediums, the most important of which is building meaningful and lasting relationships with new and existing customers. The key difference this time around is that successful marketing efforts increasingly hinge on the ability to reciprocate, in authentic ways and real-time ways, with a growing and increasingly sophisticated online consumer audience.

There are 2 forms of conversation in social media::

a) “Contribution” and b) “Distribution.”

” Contribution conversations” contribute to the whole, and add Value to the conversation. “Distribution conversation” distributes the message/agenda you want- and has little inclusion of someone else. Contribution words use YOU many times. Distribution words use “I” or ‘Me” many times. Use the word YOU and become a Contribution Agent in social media, not a distribution rookie.

2) “A Person’s Name.”

Duh. There is nothing more beautiful to a person than their name. This is a given. I am surprised how many tweets, notes, and messages i get and also read that do not say the person’s name. Use their name at least once in every communication and message as it adds to the conversation.

And also, a person will retain almost 70% more of what a message says, if their name is within the first 3 words. Chris Brogan is a master at this. I have seen and studied him, and every time he tweets or sends a message- usually the name is the first word.

Smart. VERY smart. we all should follow that lead.

3) “Connection.”

This word is an indication that you want to connect and start a relationship of some kind and create an ongoing conversation. Many folks use the phrase “get together” or “meet up” or “network.” These words are good- but CONNECT has a power within the word.

Electricity us usable when you connect to it. Same thing as a battery in a car which powers the car. And idea is only powerful when you CONNECT to it. The Power is in the Connection-when 2 things come together. It is the same in new relationships- it is all about CONNECTION.

4) “Tribes.’

This is an interesting word. Seth Godin has a cool book called “Tribes.” I suggest that you read it. But as far as a word for the social media arena, it is a word that helps define that you are within the culture and understand the community aspects of what social media is about.

In tribes around the world, it is all about community and belonging to that community. It is the same in social media. Recently I described the community we are building within a project as an “empowered tribe” and some people got it- and well, others did not.

Make sure if they do not understand the concept of tribes, then you explain it.

5) “Transparent.”

In social media, being REAL is critical. And part of being REAL is being open and transparent. I love it when I read statements like “full disclosure” and people are disclosing that they have an interest or are on some board of a company they are talking about. THAT is so rocking hot. It shows that they are being transparent and nothing to hide and telling the truth.

And that is what social media is about in many respects- TRUTH about you- and what you are and do. THAT is transparency. Use that word when talking about the truth. Just being “transparent” – that says a lot in one word about you.

6) “Strategy.”

Social media without a strategy for it, is like building a house without a blueprint. You need to develop, plan, start, and execute a strategy for your social media success. We call it a “Social Media Path.” What PATH do you plan on developing for your business, and how will that fit into your current model of business? What will be your Primary social media Platform, and what will be your secondary platforms?

PATH stands for “Purpose- Actions-Tracking-How.” what is your PURPOSE for integrating social media into your business? Marketing? Prospecting? Client communication? Customer service? What ACTIONS will it take? Videos? Blogs? Podcasts? Social Networking? What TRACKING system will you use to keep the platforms at maximum pace? And HOW are you going to Execute the Actions? Through employees? Through outsourcing? Through a combination? Social media and conversation marketing are not ends unto themselves… like traditional marketing, they are simply tools, albeit transformative tools, to building brand, market affinity and sales. And while it may be too much to expect even the wisest “old dogs” to learn to master all the nuances of these “new tricks”, true wisdom stems from surrounding yourself with people who get it. Don’t let fear control, instead become intellectually engaged in ways that leverages your knowledge of your core business, customer and products and work with teams who can help convert your vision into the social media and conversion marketing space. Best auto injury attorney near me

Strategy is a word that you just talk about. You need one. And so do others that you know as well.

7) “Branding.”

This word has been around for a while. But you still need it in your focus and communication. Branding is a word that you need to utilize not only in your messages, but your focus as well.

YOU are the Brand is a popular way to discuss social media marketplace image making. But that is not totally true. The PERCEPTION of you is the brand you are building- good or not so good. So make sure that if you use this word in social media this year, you realize that PERCEPTION Rules in Branding.

Brand yourself in the marketplace. But make sure that you focus on the VIEW and FEELINGS people have of you and experience when they think of you and what you do- and not just some catchy slogan or icon.

8 “Trust.”

You need to be an Agent of Trust. Chris Brogan has a book coming out called “Trust Agents.” Should be a rocking hot book. What about you? Are you an Agent of Trust? Just like a Real Estate Agent markets real estate, you market Trust in all you do. That is the real estate of the heart.

I like to get that word out there quickly-as i believe that people i do not know, that is on their mind. “Can I trust this guy?” And I usually message something like, “Our company helps build leaders and businesses through concepts and ideas that people can trust and feel good about.”

THAT is using the word Trust- to build trust.

9) “Family.”

Some people use “network.” Some use “team.” Some use the word “community.” Some use the word “friends.” I like the word “Family.” it is personal, powerful, and paints a picture of what social media really is building- a family that can help, be there for each other, educate, equip, and empower for greater good.

One thing that I do- and again- just an idea, I welcome everyone on Facebook or twitter or YouTube or any other social connection with “Welcome to the family!” This says so much more than “thanks for following me” or “appreciate the connection.” We ARE family- and I hope and pray it stays that way.

10) “Value.”

It is ALL about Value. It is all about the VALUE that YOU bring to the table. It is all about the VALUE of your conversations and contributions.

And it is ALL about the VALUE that you help others see within themselves. Edify. Encourage. Empower. And become a “Carrier of Value” to everyone you meet in social media and GIVE some Value to them.

11) “GIVE.”

This is the MOST important word. GIVE. Why? In social media, it is not the same ol business methodology. It is Biblical- if you will. “Give first- and what you give- you reap.” Giving is the culture of social Media. Why do you think that people give so much rocking hot info on their blogs?

Giving is a Power. It is something that not only is part of the evolving culture of social media, but also the CATALYST of much of what social media has already become. if you are a marketer, New Marketing can be almost threatening to you as it flies in the face of traditional marketing- or does it?

No- not really. It is simply marketing that puts PEOPLE FIRST- not profits. It put RELATIONSHIPS FIRST- not results. And it puts GIVING FIRST- not grabbing for their checkbook.

These are the 11 Critical words that I believe should be included in 2009 in your:

1) Social Media Philosophy.

2) Social Media Conversations.

3) Social Media Marketing Actions.

4) Social Media Core.

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