Weight Loss News – Low Carb Diet Still Wins the Diet War

lot of diet plans has surfaced since the start of the millennia. People are confused what to choose between the hundreds of diet plans. It is very hard to distinguish which one works best as each plan has its own edge and flaws. However, one thing is for sure, the one that is backed up by science and research will definitely be the best bet.

For the nth time, science has proven that low carb diet is indeed a healthy way of dieting. In a study done by a research company in New York, it has been shown that obese who went on a low carb diet versus those who took weight loss aid such as orlistat (xenical) have more favorable effect on blood pressure, thereby reducing the chances of heart-related complications such as heart attack.

The two diet modes are equally effective in weight loss. The weight loss aid orlistat is effective especially when used as prescribed. However, one (low carb diet) is more effective in terms of lowering blood pressure. In the study, the participants were given diet plans which include a low carb meal with carbohydrate composition not less than 20 grams daily. Patients who use the weight loss aid orlistat are more likely to experience gas, bowel incontinence, and diarrhea. More details please visit:-https://hbzjw.org/ https://topnewsinc.com/ https://picukinews.com/

If you are thinking of adopting a new diet plan, consider the low carb diet. Remember that the participants in the study are mostly obese which means that if you just want to lose a few pounds, you don’t have to starve yourself with a 20 gram carb diet a day (which is roughly equivalent to an ounce of cereal per day!).

Consider consulting a dietician or a physician whenever you feel like going into an intensive diet so that you will be properly advised which one is the best for you. Take note that not only the diet matters but the physical work-out as well.

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