8 Outerwear Every Girl Should Own This Winter Season

Getting dressed in the cold weather is no easy feat, especially when the aim is to look cool and stay warm. With some tricks, you can, however, manage to appear seasonally appropriate and chic on a daily basis. From adding a strategic belt to your winter coat or adding neon shades in your innerwear, you can perk up an otherwise basic or neutral outfit in seconds. Introducing a touch of floral in your winter wear is another way to create outfits that are both impactful and stylish.

These tricks might not always be helpful to you. For this, you need to prep your arsenal of outerwear. Make sure whatever you layer over your outfit is just as smart as what’s underneath. I am rounding up a few different styles of coats/jackets every girl should have for the chilly days ahead.

Classic Wool Coat

Nothing pulls together an outfit like a classic wool coat. Elegant and versatile, this winter wardrobe staple is as perfect to pair with your casual weekend denim as it is for layering atop your office wear. Moreover, it keeps you warm without sacrificing your style.

Puffer Coat

For those brutally cold days, you should certainly go for the puffer coat. These coats are majorly on trend this season. Super lightweight and outstandingly comfortable, nothing holds in warmth like these puffers.

Leather Jacket

A no-brainer, but gotta mention it! Every girl should own a leather jacket in her wardrobe. It is one of those rare pieces that can transition your boring office wear to a party wear. Pair a dark colored women winter jacket with all-black for a chic nighttime look. You can also throw one over a stylish dress for a more feminine look.

Statement Coat

There are days when you’re running around and end up spending more time in your coat. Those are the days when you need your statement coat. It can instantly jazz up an otherwise basic outfit. So, pile on your boring sweaters underneath and let your outerwear do the talking.

Versatile Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have been around for decades. They have successfully played their part by dressing generations and compliments well with virtually any color, pattern & material. These women winter jackets are the perfect clothing option to layer on, especially if you’re dressing down a fancy outfit.

Timeless Trench Coat

The iconic trench coat hasn’t changed its form much in the last many years, making it a worthy investment to your wardrobe. With unpredictable weather, it’s one great clothing choice and you’ll be thankful to have in your closet.

Polished Blazer

Get a professional getup by simply throwing on a polished blazer available for women on your not-so-attractive outfit. Pick one in black or navy color and let everyone know you mean business. Pair it with one of the classic handbags you have in your collection.

Bomber Jacket

During the most brutally cold days, you’ll be thankful to have a bomber jacket in your closet. It gives a fresh, laidback vibe to your wardrobe; while still keeping you warm when you are out. It’s casual enough to look good with your basic outfit, but its edginess keeps you from looking sloppy.



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