Format For Writing a Newspaper Article – An Easy to Follow Format For Your News Article

Unlike when you’re writing feature or web articles, you’ll be confined to one specific format when writing articles for newspapers. Don’t worry as this is relatively simple and very easy to follow:

1. Headlines. This is what will draw your readers in as such, it’s important for you to make it a point that it’s eye-catching. Using as few words as possible, you must be able to summarize your article’s content. It must have an element of surprise or intrigue so you can effectively get your audience to pay attention to your copy.

2. Lead paragraph. Journalists will surely agree with me when I say that this is indeed the most important or crucial part of your article. As your audience are usually pressed for time, you must use this first paragraph to tell them every important detail that they need to know. Its here where you tell your readers your story; what happened, who’s involved, where and how it happened, and the possible effect to the lives of your readers. It’s okay if your lead paragraph is lengthy as long as you’ll be able to cover all the essentials of your story.

3. Article body. Most often than not, people do not pay attention to the paragraphs after the first one. But you still need to make sure that your article body is worth reading. In here, you can post all the supporting details or you can elaborate more to promote better understanding. This is also the place where you insert quotes from those people who are involved in your story or those that are considered authorities on the subject matter.

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