Why Does Your Conscience Bother You? News About Your Conscience

People all over this world in regardless of what industry they are in, are looking for the secrets for successful living. In this part two of ‘Where do you place your confidence?’, I want to continue to share the first of seven secrets for success. Is it possible that our conscience is condemning us even though we walk in truth? In this chapter, I will reveal a secret that only those who diligently seek, will find here in these pages.

The truth cannot lie.

There is a secret found in the Word that can cause a shift in your mindset that could be the difference between failure and success in your life, your business, your family, and whatever else you are involved in. Multitudes of people have bought the lie that has kept them in bondage for decades. But that lie is being exposed right now. There is a force reminding us daily that we are not worthy, or good enough to deserve success. For some of us who don’t know this is happening, it can arouse our soulish imagination and keep us believing lies.

Like our laptop, built to be programmed, so is our “spirit”, our core, born to receive software. Past programming, can cause our “spirit” to crash from time to time, if there are server or other conflicts. We know our past experiences serve as a great platform for creating conflict with our personal development techniques and strategies. This is where most crashes occur. So where does this manifest in us? It occurs in our conscience. This is the emotional area of us that reveals what the core or spirit believes. In fact the Word of God for example says that our conscience can condemn us. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Is your conscience condemning you?

The Word says if we’re walking in the truth, we are in union with God and He with us. We also gain access to the Holy Spirit, our supernatural power source, who is like the most cutting edge spyware package programmed in us too. Again, some may not buy this. Buy the Holy Spirit is an added bonus for those who received Jesus salvation package. You guys know about added bonuses right? Lol!

So let’s continue!

Considering all this, it is clear that we may be believing things that we need to admit. Jonathan Budd and others have spoken about getting to the root of an issue. Expose it. Like a virus, we need to get rid of it! Taking all this into consideration, could your conscience be condemning you? If so, it’s lying to you. In today’s society it common to hear about the positive impact affirmations have on those who say them. I urge you to consider reading the following affirmation out loud. It may be the thing that changes your mindset for good. For some of you, reword it with something similar if you want to satisfy your own belief system.




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