Announcing the Good News – A Wedding Page Or Herald at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are serious business with important goals. They exist to create lifelong marriages. But as long as you honor the intent of the wedding ceremony, there is no reason not to have fun at it. Be serious about what you need from your community. Be very serious about your wedding vows. And then, be playful with your friends and family – if it is right for you.

I once did a wedding where a 5-year-old boy raced in proclaiming: “The bride is coming, the bride is coming!” The entire crowd (and it was close to 300) oohed and turned to look. And indeed she was coming. It was so delightfully silly. I’m sure the child had been instructed to pace in and repeat his line over and over. But he was 5, and joyous to have a part. It was so fun. I’ve never seen it before or since. More details please

Why not consider it? Certainly had I known before the day of the wedding, I’d have insisted that her partner be introduced as well! This very little boy could not have been asked to do much more than he did. But an older child, male or female could easily have made announcements throughout. This would have to be a child with fairly good stage presence and sense of self, but you may well have one in your crowd. (I’m crushed, now that I think about it, I had a young man in my wedding who could have played a fanfare on his trumpet when we appeared!)


  • Processional: A young page moves to the front of the crowd and announces the names of the attendants and the parents of the wedding couple. Why use a program, when a young person can have a scroll (and a mic!)
  • Wedding Ceremony: The page could announce certain pieces of the ceremony, reading the segues from one piece to the next. Certain bits of the romance could be given a dramatic reading by the page.
  • Marriage Proclamation: After the wedding celebrant has pronounced the couple married, the herald could make the proclamation.
  • After the Recessional: Directions to pictures and cocktail hour could be announced.
  • Cocktail hour: Why use the DJ or bandleader? Hand over the mic to the page. Let him announce the attendants, families and bridal couple one more time. Let the couple sweep into their first dance. This would make an easy end to the page’s role.

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