Autoresponder News – Auto-responders – Gotta Have Em!

An autoresponder makes it possible to respond quickly to a visitor’s interest in something on your web site. It also makes it possible to gather their email address in the process. In addition, autoresponders can be deployed in a variety of ways – in both pre-sale and post-sale activities. Typical uses of autoresponders include applications such as those shown below:

(a) Promptly answer requests for whitepapers, sales materials, or articles.

(b) Immediately respond to queries with sales literature.

(c) Immediately acknowledge or confirm orders and other requests

Autoresponders remove a significant amount of work in responding properly to your customers or prospects. In the absence of an autoresponder, you would have to do the work yourself or hire someone to do it. With an autoresponder, it all happens automatically and immediately and they can even be used to set up complete order processing. If, for example, you were to offer an electronic product such as an ebook or software download, an autoresponder can be set up to handle all the fulfillment tasks for you – respond to inquiries, fill an orders, charge credit cards and then send your customer a receipt! More details please visit:-

There are many third-party autoresponder services available to choose from and the costs range from free to a small monthly service charge. Be aware that with some free services, they may append their own advertising or promotions to the response email you send to your customers, or they may siphon off the email address for their own use later.

Top of the line autoresponder software will run between $95 – $495 dollars for the license. These packages ensure that you have complete control over the type, content, and addresses of responses being sent. Some of the services or software will not only provide fulfillment operations, but will also do complete automatic order processing including Paypal® charging.

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