Fishing News From the Cherry Grove Pier

The locals go nuts over a little fish called “spots,”, and the long anticipated spot run finally came and went. Spots showed up in great numbers on October 12th, and for about 6 days merry mayhem ruled on the pier. Anglers stood shoulder to shoulder, lead weights and spot rigs flying through the air. Absolutely everyone caught spots, whether they were fishing for them or not. One group of 5 fishermen proudly boasted catching over 700 spots between them, and individual anglers who grumbled that they only caught a few realized too late that those big catches came to those who were standing in the right location on the pier where the huge schools of spots happened to be at a given time.

Meanwhile, back at pier “central,” which is the bait and tackle shop at the front of the pier, a dauntless but harried, efficient but tired pier crew answered over 300 telephone calls per day during this period, with nearly each call beginning with,” Are the spots biting yet?” Always the same question, too! Some of the callers included demands for weather predictions, wind direction, specific time predictions for the first spot to latch onto a hook, and so on. One caller even asked Ronnie how the fish were biting last week, exactly when they were expected to bite next week, and which specific dates he, the caller, should arrange for his vacation so that he could be certain to catch fish. Ronnie’s answer, perfected over time, suited the caller: “Mr., last week is history. Next week is a mystery, and if I could answer your third question, I would be in Las Vegas right now.” More details please

After that busy week, the spots had moved on, and spot catching was not so prolific-none of the record numbers that we saw the previous week. However, what makes angling, certainly life at Cherry Grove Pier, exciting is that you never know from one day to the next what will happen. Just as soon as the spots stopped biting, they started again. This past Saturday proved to be one of the busiest with record-number catches exceeding the previous numbers. Based on previous history with fishing for spots, we can expect the next several weeks to be like these past two-lively, then slow again. You just never know! We have seen some nice catches beyond spots, too-king mackerel, black drum, red drum, blue fish, and some Spanish mackerel.

At the same time that the spots kept the anglers hopping, Saturday, October 25th brought our adults and kids for the “Take a Kid Fishing” Tournament, hosted by the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. Held from 8 am to 12 noon, the event saw a large attendance, despite the damp, windy weather. Each child received a goody bag with a “Take a Kid Fishing” tee shirt and many other items donated by area merchants, plus at mid-morning each received a snack, soft drinks, and water. Although the fish tended to remain in the water rather than allow themselves to be caught, the kids had fun, and the adults delighted in helping kids experience the joys of fishing.

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