Get Free Publicity On TV With This Insider Secret

Appearing on the local and national TV news broadcasts and magazine shows is a great way to get free publicity.

One way to greatly improve your chances of getting on these news and magazine shows is to provide some or all of the video footage they will need. You can do this with either a video news release (VNR) or B-roll. Or both.

A VNR contains the same information as a press release but is done as though it is an actual TV news story, complete with a voice over (narration).

Depending on your story pitch, the VNR might have interviews and supplementary images. For example, if you were promoting a hotel, the VNR might contain some shots of the rooms, the exterior of the restaurant, interviews with the manager and the chef, etc.

A B-roll is a series of random shots that support a news story. If you’re a hospital administrator, your publicity team might shoot the exterior of the building, the new research lab, patient rooms, etc.

TV news shows love to receive VNRs and B-rolls because they save them time and money. They don’t have to send a reporter and crew out on location.

The journalists or news magazine hosts might use some or all of the footage in a story, though a reporter might substitute his own voice on the VNR. That shouldn’t matter to you because your main purpose is to get free publicity, not promote yourself as a voice over talent.

It can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to as much as $20,000 or more, depending on the topic, to produce a VNR. In most cases, you can have a B-roll created for a few hundred dollars.

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