Make Time For the Relationships In Your Life

Most of us today are very, very busy.

Many of us are trying to juggle a lot of different responsibilities. We try to keep a household going, and try to have a good relationship with our mate at home. At the same time we have to keep track of all our kids and their various activities, while also trying to do a full time job outside the home. We may have aging parents who take up more and more of our time.

If we’re younger, we may be juggling full time classes at school while also doing a part time job and trying to have a social life. We may be doing volunteer work in the community. The demands on our time never seem to end, and often it’s hard to take a few moments out of our busy lives to decide what our priorities should really be.

Many of us today are on the go all the time. We rush from appointment to appointment until we collapse exhausted.

One place that many of us have cut back is on spending time unwinding with our friends. We often feel guilty just at the thought of taking time to hang around. Spending time just relaxing with friends seems like a luxury we can’t afford.

Those lazy days when life seemed to be about spending quality time with your family and friends seem to belong to a different century.

One way that many of us try to cope with this overload is that we try to juggle doing two or three things at once.

While we are at work, we may be trying to get caught up with our friends and families with emails and phone calls. And when we are with our friends and family, our minds are often elsewhere, as we’re also trying to get caught up on our other emails and text messages, and checking in at the office. We may be talking to one person in front of us while emailing another.

Many of us are very proud of how many things we seem to be able to do at one time, without realizing that we are not fully present for any of them.

Many of us are not fully present at our jobs and we’re not fully present with our families and friends. Instead we are often in a kind of trance induced by the fact we are trying to be everywhere at once. We can use our busyness to distance ourselves from close human contact.

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