Augusta Golf Course, One of the Worlds Most Beautiful Golf Courses

I will never forget my first time at The Masters golf course in Augusta, Georgia. With several buddies, I walked through the bushes at the back entrance of number 5 and there before us was the most pristine golf course I have ever looked upon. What a thrill it was. It’s so much fun to remember this feeling when looking at my Masters golf ball sitting on my display rack at home. Wellnessespitch

I spent the day walking the course and couldn’t believe there was not one weed anywhere. The landscape was perfect. It’s close to how I see heaven especially when napping on the slop at the Par 3, 6th hole. Laying there with my eyes closed, Asmziine listening to the excitement throughout the course. This is a very peaceful golf course that leaves its visitors in awe.

I have been to The Master many, many years since and I still get the feeling of awe when I first arrive. It is absolutely beautiful. The real thrill begins once the first tee shot is made. Being with the crowds and watching the best players  in the world is indescribable. They make it all look so easy and smooth with graceful swings that rocket their golf ball down the fairways. Sitting at the 15th hole and being part fibre-in-my-area a the roar when a chip from the rough over water rolls so close to the hole it’s not human, while at the same time hearing the roar from across the course of those witnessing another unbelievable shot is one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had. uncapped-fibre-dealsproperty-algarve

Over the years I have acquired a large Masters golf collection. I have one wall covered with golf ball displays []. When friends are over, featureweb these displays make great conversation starters. My friends and I enjoy going down memory lane with each year’s golf items collected. Check out my blog at [umassextension]. Share Your Golf Memories!


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