Get My Ex Back – The First Post Break Up Meeting

So this is it, the first meeting after you two broke up. Excited? Nervous? Think this is a big occasion? Well it’s not, it is just a chance to plant the seeds right to get your ex back later on. Let me explain. atotalnews

A lot of people think the first meeting after a breakup is the perfect chance to get their ex back. Let me tell you loud and clear that it is not. It is so rare to get them back at this first meeting that it is dangerous to do. Not only that but if you are rejected here, two things will happen. businessinside

One, your ex will put their guard up because they worry you will become some sort of stalker and hassle them to change their minds about the breakup. This will make your work later to get them back, so much harder.

Secondly when you get rejected your confidence in your ability to get them back will plummet. Confidence is a valuable thing right now, firstpost so don’t throw it away on a 0.0001% chance they will get back together with you at this first meeting.

What is the point of meeting them at all then? It’s all about preparing them for your efforts to win them back later.

You see what you need to do at the first meeting is to act fine about the breakup. Act as if it’s good for both of you. Don’t even talk about it, just ask about what they are up to and then talk about what you are going to do later on in the day. aimsinstitute

Don’t talk about your dreams or plans though. This will come across as you trying to show off, it’s distasteful so don’t do it, OK?

By acting cool about the breakup, and by being able to talk about things you have done that day, fitnessbuilder your ex will start to ask questions. You see, believe it or not, this break-up was difficult on some level for your ex as well. They are still probably struggling with it themselves. But by seeing you already over it, they begin to wonder if they made the right decision.

This is because they imagined YOU being the one crying, YOU being the one stressed out and depressed, but once this reality doesn’t happen, your ex will question whether they have just made a big mistake themselves.

Does this make sense to you? I hope so. So if you have a first meeting with your ex coming up soon, I hope you will take this advice and use it. Trust me, travelingplace I have taught this to many people and it has worked wonders for them. Practice a bit before you go and you are there!


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