Diamonds Aren’t Just For Engagement Rings Anymore

For decades the diamond has served as the centerpiece of not just the engagement ring, but also the engagement itself. Brides and grooms rush to the phone to spread their happy news, and typically the voice on the other end asks two questions. They inquire about the diamond, and then the date of the wedding. Men spend countless hours in search of the perfect diamond engagement ring because the diamond’s strength, brilliance, and luster is unmatched in the gemstone world, and as such, the stone serves to represent the strength and brilliance of the love and commitment between the couple. Because diamonds are so sought after and add such value to the engagement ring, many brides and grooms are foregoing the standard gold wedding band and also incorporating diamonds in their wedding rings.

Today’s diamond ring market has exploded with many options for both the bride and the groom. Traditionally, women wear their diamond engagement ring until the ceremony where they will then add their wedding band to the set. Many typical wedding bands have been simple gold bands that they place on the inside of their finger, closest to their heart. The simple wedding band doesn’t compete with the detailed diamond engagement ring and offers her a combination that she can wear for a lifetime. This trend is changing; many women love the look of the small inset stones within a diamond wedding band and want to add a little extra flare to her ring set.

Other women, especially those that wear very extravagant diamond engagement rings, prefer to only wear their engagement rings on special occasions, but plan to wear their wedding band everyday. A basic gold ring worn alone may be too plain for her, so purchasing a diamond wedding band is a great option for adding more style. Because most diamonds in wedding rings are inset as opposed to raised, like in a diamond engagement ring, they are well protected from being knocked out of their setting or catching on things during daily activities. A diamond ring can offer the bride a ring solution that is not only practical, but also beautiful.

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