Arranging a Wedding? 4 Vital Tips to Help You Save Money

Everyone wants a perfect wedding but it’s normally not until you start planning your wedding celebrations do you start to realise how much everything costs – making a budget is important to ensure you are spending your money on the things that really matter to you. You have to decide what is important to you – is the dress? Have you always dreamed of arriving at the church in beautiful Rolls Royce? Once you have decided what is important to you, you can concentrate on spending your budget on the important items and saving, or reducing the spending on those items that maybe less important to you. Listed below are a few suggestions where you can make savings.

Start planning you wedding early because if you leave everything to the last minute you may not get what you want and the things that you do want will most probably attract a premium price. It also allows you to make considered decisions about what you think is value for money and not having to make rash decisions – get 3 quotes for everything and compare them.

Make use of online resources such as wedding forums on larger wedding sites such as or You can get deals from suppliers and ask fellow couples for advise and information on how they are proceeding with their arrangements. There is lots of advice out there – use it.

Think about doing things yourself. If you are handy at arts and crafts, or a relative is, why not make your own invitations and party favors? If you having a small wedding and music isn’t particularly important to you and your celebrations, there is no written rule to say you have to hire a DJ or band for your evening entertainment – why not hire in some sound equipment and a few lights from your local  and sort your own playlist out on your iPod or laptop – you can save money this way. However, if you really want to party the night away I would advise against this and get in a professional DJ but it is what you think is important to your wedding that you should concentrate on.

You can also save money by being flexible on your timings and requirements – the cost of hiring a venue will be more on a Saturday in August than a Thursday in March. Similarly you might also be able to save money by avoiding an evening celebration, opt for an afternoon reception to save on your bar bill! Is a sit down meal important to you or would a buffet be just as good – by opting for the latter you can save money. Also consider your guest list – is cousin Jethro, who you haven’t seen for 20 years that important to you that he should be invited to your sit down wedding breakfast – trimming down your guest list will save you money.

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