Common Wedding Reception Venues

The wedding reception is the festive part of the wedding. It is that certain portion where the newly-wed couple and sometimes with the help of the bride’s and/or the groom’s family, greets and acknowledges the presence of their guests as they are served with foods, drinks and other provisions.

Many are the places where a wedding reception may be held as per the couple’s preference. Most wedding receptions are held in a Banquet Hall since it provides less hassle. A banquet hall is a convenient place for numerous activities that include serving lunch or dinner, dancing or any form of entertainment during the wedding reception, and an open bar for drinks and beverages. Banquet hall managers and owners provide services that may cover centerpieces, linens and twinkle lights for the head table. It may also be cheaper to rent a banquet hall as owners may possibly offer a promo for couples with more than a hundred visitors. This type of reception will probably cost an approximate amount of $10,000 for a hundred guests.

If the wedding is considerably small and intimate, the ceremony and the reception may be held at home especially if there is a large backyard space. Not only will it be cost effective for the venue, but if the wedding is to be held at home, family members and relatives may help in the food preparation, eliminating the cost for a catering service. If there is an already and existing sound system in the household, it may be used instead of hiring a mobile disco service. This way, the money saved may be allotted to other provisions like alcohol or beverages. The number of guests no more than 50 may be accommodated at a cost of $5,000 – $8,000.

There are also other venues for a wedding reception that a couple may choose from in order to reflect their own interest and individuality.

A Restaurant Wedding Reception initially appears as a cheaper option for serving meals and drinks. But the couple may consider some factors in choosing this type of reception. Most restaurants strictly require that they will be the only ones to make available the alcohol at a price they also will provide, plus there are also high compulsory taxes for groups to be paid along with their freebies. Decorations are mostly done by the couple along with the limited entertainment form that can be brought to the establishment. This venue, however, is preferred by sentimental couples who wish to have their reception in the place memorable to them such as their first date. If they have only a few guests, say something like 30 to 40, it is cheaper than renting a large hall and may cost a rough amount of $5,000 exclusive of decors, favors, etc.

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