Mobile Disco Start Up

So maybe you have been a regular bar / club DJ for a while and now it’s in your head to startup a mobile disco business. If this is a new venture for you there are a few points to keep in mind to help reach your goal. Don’t worry too much as there is a lot of help out there to take advantage of.

In normal procedures, how would you run a business? If you’re not top of the pile, you will be used to being told what to do and work for someone else. When you own you own business, you either are your own boss, or if things are going well you will be dishing out the orders and taking more responsibility. What sort of rules and guidelines should you set with your employees? How will you know or recognise what you’re committing to is the right thing for your mobile disco company? When working under a boss it’s easy in the respect that you do not need to think on your feet as you did what they said and got paid at the end of the month. Now you are deciding for yourself, the business and your employees which could be more harmful in the long run.

So you have your foot in the door of your own company and everything is up and running. If this is your only income then you need to truly put a good plan in place and stick to it. Make you sure you work out a good plan to keep your business and life separate where possible. When working from home mixing work and social life can be a problem and a challenge to overcome. Whatever you do with your business, it’s all about the amount time and effort you give which will relay on to your business. The more you put in, the more you get out of it and that is fact.

Having no financial worries is something that will keep stress out the way and leave you time to concentrate on everything else.

Like me, if you didn’t pay much attention at school and wasted a lot of time messing about your school report probably mirrored your behavior. Now, this wasn’t because you were a waste of time, you just weren’t interested, but you may have passion to succeed in life. Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to go back to an old teacher who gave you hassle and told you that you wouldn’t do well in life and tell them that you own and operate your own company!

When you look on the internet, or inside wedding brochures you will find hundreds of mobile disco companies, but naturally they are not all the same. As a new business owner it is up to you to make your business work and make profit. Compared to the size of the population there are not many individual people who startup their own business because they don’t have the motivation or charisma. You need to questions yourself if you do.

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