Party Supplies Checklist For An Unforgettable Event

No party is complete without key supplies. Whether it’s a small event or a big bash you’re planning, making use of items like glassware, crockery and mobile bars can add a touch of flair to even a low-key do. Besides, you want to impress guests with your hosting skills and you can’t do that without these essential supplies.

Rather than purchase supplies – unless you host parties every other day – renting them is much cheaper. You get everything from one source and can even seek advice on what supplies are needed for a birthday, New Year’s Eve bash or a wedding anniversary celebration. Without further ado, here’s a checklist of key requirements guaranteed to get the party started.

Punch bowls and ice buckets

For teetotallers and light drinkers, the placement of punch bowls is a must as mini bars are a must for alcohol drinkers. Mix at least two types of punches for variety while offering at least two or three types of alcoholic drinks for others. Party supply services will have several bowls in stock. Choose large glass bowls or vintage-inspired porcelain bowls for a celebratory feel.

Ice buckets should be placed wherever needed so that you don’t have to run to the fridge often. Set them up near punch bowls and on the mini bar.

Mini bar/mobile bar

You can convert a cabinet into a mini bar by replacing what’s within with bottles of wine and spirit. Store glasses within easy reach and have a cooler on hand. A table runner will protect the cabinet’s surface from spillage.

Mobile bars like beer taps are great for a casual party or a beer-only party with close friends. They’re available for hire by most party supply services at reasonable rates.

Glassware, crockery and silverware

For a formal party, glassware, crockery and silverware are all-important. Older guests will particularly appreciate them as the three were regularly used in their day. There are many types of cutlery so select them based on the menu. For example, the forks used to eat seafood are very different from standard forks. The same applies to spoons and knives where there are implements designed solely for caviar, soups, dessert, beef, fish etc.

Chairs and chair covers

Choose comfortable chairs with slightly reclined back support. The use of covers is not necessary but it protects the chairs from spillage and scratches. The covers themselves are usually accompanied by sashes or flower details and party supply services will have several styles at their disposal. When choosing, opt for styles that complement the party.

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