What To Do With Car Registration Information and When a License Plate Search Is Inappropriate

There are many websites online that offer license plate searching for car registration information. When would a search for owner information be a proper thing to do and when is this practice unacceptable?

I’m likely not going to be able to compile a complete set of guidelines to cover all of the many possible circumstances when a person might want to find the owner of a vehicle with a license plate search but I’ll set out some examples to help you make your own good decisions.

Not Appropriate – When you’ve seen a vehicle involved in some illegal activity you should not handle this on your own. The police are responsible for dealing with law-breakers จองทะเบียนรถ and you should not seek out the owner information. You should certainly contact the police in this situation to provide them with the car’s tag number you wrote down and the actions you witnessed. Let the police and the courts handle it from there.

Appropriate – If you’ve seen something involving a vehicle that you think the owner should be aware of. Perhaps you’ve observed something wrong with the car’s maintenance like a frame out of alignment that causes the vehicle to dog-track. You might want to search for owner information to pass along your concerns.

Acceptable – If you’re seen the vehicle with a ‘for sale’ sign in the window and you want the car registration information before you make an offer to buy it.

Grey Area of Acceptability – When you see an attractive person and want to make contact from the owner registration details. This is a grey area for using license plate searching because there is a line between wanting to meet someone and being taken as a stalker. If you employ a license plate search for this purpose, I strongly suggest you be prepared to freely accept any rejection and walk away if the person is not interested or if they find the way you found their information creepy.

Not Appropriate – If you’re planning to use the information gained in the license plate search for identity theft or any other illegal, immoral or harmful use against the car’s owner. I guess if that was your plan, my article might not stop you but I’m saying it anyways and the fact you gained the information you needed by a license plate search would not work in your favor in a court.

Appropriate – If you’re licensed to work as a private investigator you will likely be doing plenty of license plate searches for owner information and you already know most of what I’m saying here.

Appropriate and Even Advisable – If you’re a loan officer or lending money on a car title you may wish to search the license plate to ensure the official car owner information matches with the supplied paperwork you’ve been shown. The paper certificate may have been altered.

These guidelines are just a few off the top of my head and I’m sure there are other uses for a service that locates owner information from a license plate database. I just suggest a person think about what they’re planning on using the private details for and act accordingly.

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